#193 Filling in the Word Balloon

8/17/09 Filling in the Word Balloon

Word BalloonJohn Siuntres was one of the first comics podcasters back in 2005, and he’s been interviewing big names in American comics ever since. Tim chats with him about his background, how he got started with Word Balloon, and the state of mainstream comics.

#192 Marvel Geek-out: Alternate Future Edition

8/10/09 Marvel Geek-out: Alternate Future Edition

Days of Future PastWhether it’s Old Man Logan, Days of Future Past, or Dr. Doom’s recent hallucination of a utopian future, possible futures and alternate time-lines are fun for both creator and reader. Tim and Patrik talk about alternate timelines (is there one where Dark Reign is finally over?), plus un-rebooting books, and the lack of new heroes challenging the old guard for popularity.

#183 The World of Steve Ditko

6/8/09 The World of Steve Ditko

Spidey 33 coverWhile he’s never stopped working, Steve Ditko’s most celebrated work was done decades ago, and he’s slammed the door on many opportunities for further success. If sticking to your principles prevents fame and fortune, is your career a failure or a success? Tim and Paul discuss the Fantagraphics coffee table biography “Strange and Stranger: The World of Steve Ditko” by Blake Bell.

#172 Marvel Geekout — Dark Reign edition

3/23/09 Marvel Geekout — Dark Reign edition

Iron Patriot“Only want 2 see u laughing in the Dark Reign…” Patrik and Tim compare notes on the new Dark Reign status quo, including some of the funnier moments so far.

#163 Omega vs. Omega

1/19/09 Omega vs. Omega

Omega vs. OmegaMarvel’s 2007 “Omega the Unknown” series by Jonathan Lethem was a “paraphrasing” of a Steve Gerber series from the ’70s. How do the two stack up? What does Lethem’s version have to say about Gerber’s? Tim and Paul compare and contrast the two Omegas.

#160 Howard the Duck and other wise quacks

12/29/08 Howard the Duck

The Essential Howard the Duck vol. 1 collects all of Steve Gerber’s 1970s writing for Marvel’s Code-approved Howard the Duck comic. Tim and Kumar talk about what Gerber got away with in spite of the code, and how HTD differs from most ’70s Marvel books.

#158 Tim and Patrik’s Excellent Marvel Geek-out!

12/15/08 Marvel Geek-out: Secret Invasion

Secret InvasionIn case you thought this podcast was getting too high-brow, we dispel that notion with some mainstream fanboy talk! Patrik W joins Tim to talk about Secret Invasion, Cable, Amazing Spider-Man, and more!



Wow.  It’s the last issue of the first decade of Eric’s Newsletter.  I’m only going to take a second to reflect on this since it seems that I always end up babbling about how long it’s been.  At any rate, we’re coming up on December which means that it’s Christmas Comics time.

For some reason this year, there isn’t a whole lot going on in the world of comics.  In video games, there certainly seems to be a lot of new releases. Go figure, eh?  At any rate, we’re here to talk about the comic industry, so let’s see what’s going down…

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