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We want to hear from you! What would you like to hear on the show? Want to comment about the podcast? Use this form to speak your mind!

We will also accept a submission of a comic you are involved in making, and critique it on our Critiquing Comics spinoff podcast. PLEASE NOTE:

  • We need to see between 10 and 30 sequential pages of your comic. If it’s more than 30, we can’t guarantee that we’ll read it all, but will try if time allows (and if the comic is interesting!)
  • If you have a Kickstarter to promote, and it’s already underway, we will probably not be able to critique your comic before your project ends, especially if we have a queue of previously submitted comics to critique.
  • Please send us a link to your comic (or send a single PDF of it — we ask that you compress the file as much as is feasible). Please don’t merely send a link to your Kickstarter page, unless you have at least 10 sequential pages of your comic on the Kickstarter page. We’ll critique your comic, but not your Kickstarter project.

(NOTE: If you have any problems with this form, please send a link to “mail at deconstructingcomics dot com”)

Upload file of your comic to our Dropbox here.


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