#242 Sex comic: Art! Thor trailer: Trash?

Oglaf appears on the Web uncredited, with no merch store, and with plenty of well-written, well-drawn raunchy comedy. Very, very raunchy. Tim, Mulele, and Kumar dig on this comic (platonically).
The trailer for the upcoming “Thor” movie, though, does not impress. What were we expecting? Is Marvel starting to make their movies as inaccessible to the layman as their comics? What could have made this movie look more appealing to us?

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2 thoughts on “#242 Sex comic: Art! Thor trailer: Trash?”

  1. Hey Kumar…
    I share your frustration about the absence of Don Blake and was freaking out about somewhere online, until it was pointed out to me that this Thor is actually based on the Ultimates Thor. In a way, all these new Marvel movies are based on the Ultimates versions, which I really can’t comment on because I haven’t read them.

    In the Captain America movie, I do agree that it would have been a great opportunity to comment on current events, but the movie cannot be about Cap in the present. It has to be in the 40’s. One, that’s where Captain America came from. Even the comics originated during this era. It won’t be until the Avengers comic books, and now the movie, will Cap be discovered frozen somewhere, thawed, and joins the Avengers in the present.

    I think it’s perfectly all right to comment on a trailer if one likes it or not. There are stuff about the trailer that I liked and a lot I don’t. At least there is a trailer to judge.

    I don’t understand how any judgment can be given on the Captain America movie ever be made without seeing anything from it, even a trailer. I think you guys might have come down on this a little too harsh. You can be as harsh as you like AFTER you see it, but not before. At least the opinion will be informed, right?

    I think it’s still within the realm of possibility that the Thor movie, the Cap movie and even the Avengers movie could still be good. It’s still quite possible for a Cap movie to be relevant to current events even if it’s a period movie. There have been plenty of period movies that have been relevant to us today.

    If we as fans can’t imagine how an Avengers movie can work, who they will fight, what would they do… then that’s why we’re the fans, right? It’s the storytellers who will show us how they will do it. Whether they succeed or not, then it’s the fans who will say it in the end.

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