#321 Exhibition and Inspiration: Katsuhiro Ootomo

A retrospective exhibit of the art of Katsuhiro Ootomo was recently held in Tokyo. Ootomo‘s work Akira is what inspired Mulele to come to Japan and learn to draw manga, so the exhibit was a chance to soak up inspiration and reflect on his current state of affairs. Patrik W, also an Ootomo fan from way back, attended and enjoyed. For Tim, not an Ootomo reader, it was a chance to see what he’s been missing. Discussion ensues.

#248 AmeComi Artists

Cassey's JokerYou’ve heard Tim talk about the American Comics Exhibition; now hear the viewpoints of some of the other artists. Cassey Bradley talks about her take on the Joker; Jim Reddy discusses his influences; and Patrick Gannon, our favorite cut-paper artist, explains the differences between galleries in Japan and galleries in the U.S.

#198 Comics Evangelism

9/21/09 Comics Evangelism

Disney buys Marvel? Yeah, OK. Macintosh owners Tim, Patrik W, and Mulele discuss the Steve Jobs connection — could this lead to X-men on your iPhone?

If someone said, “What are these ‘comics’ of which you speak? I would like to try some,” what would you hand them? Watchmen? Why not? What might be a better choice?

How are Japanese attitudes toward comics different from those of Americans? Patrik has some interesting insights.

Patrik talks about the comics art exhibition he’s organizing. Also, what we’ve been reading.

The Hunter


Order of the Stick

Snake ‘n’ Bacon

#192 Marvel Geek-out: Alternate Future Edition

8/10/09 Marvel Geek-out: Alternate Future Edition

Days of Future PastWhether it’s Old Man Logan, Days of Future Past, or Dr. Doom’s recent hallucination of a utopian future, possible futures and alternate time-lines are fun for both creator and reader. Tim and Patrik talk about alternate timelines (is there one where Dark Reign is finally over?), plus un-rebooting books, and the lack of new heroes challenging the old guard for popularity.

#176 Watching the watchers of Watchmen

4/20/09 Watching the watchers of Watchmen

The ComedianTim and Mulele (and an unexpected special guest!) report from the movie theater before and after seeing Zach Snyder’s “The Watchmen”, then talk on Skype a week later about how a cerebral comic became an action movie, as well as reviewing the reviews of the movie by half a dozen other podcasts!

#172 Marvel Geekout — Dark Reign edition

3/23/09 Marvel Geekout — Dark Reign edition

Iron Patriot“Only want 2 see u laughing in the Dark Reign…” Patrik and Tim compare notes on the new Dark Reign status quo, including some of the funnier moments so far.

#158 Tim and Patrik’s Excellent Marvel Geek-out!

12/15/08 Marvel Geek-out: Secret Invasion

Secret InvasionIn case you thought this podcast was getting too high-brow, we dispel that notion with some mainstream fanboy talk! Patrik W joins Tim to talk about Secret Invasion, Cable, Amazing Spider-Man, and more!

#143 Patrik W goes to San Diego

Patrik W9/01/08 Patrik W goes to San Diego

Patrik W recently attended the San Diego Comicon to show off his portfolios and gather intelligence on possibly exhibiting his work next year. Mulele and Tim get his report on how it all went.

Patrik’s animations on Crunchyroll.com