#588 We love “HATE”


Peter Bagge’s HATE was an amazing hit for a ’90s indy comic, outselling some Big Two titles. Tim, Kumar, and Tom Spurgeon talk about some of the amazing aspects of this strip, and discuss whether it’s accurate to classify it as a comic about slackers.

#545 Peter Bagge


Peter Bagge is known for the manic comic series “Hate”. But his recent work has gone a different direction: profiling women who made a difference in early 20th century America. Why the change in topic and tone? In this interview, recorded with Koom in a spotlight discussion at Toronto Comicon, Bagge discusses what drew him to making comics bios of Margaret Sanger (Woman Rebel) and Zora Neale Hurston (Fire!!).

#256 Talking about “Star Wars”…again!

FIVE YEARS of “Deconstructing Comics”! We celebrate with a retro lineup (Tim, Mulele, and Brandon, plus Kumar) discussing the topic that we always used to accidentally end up talking about anyway: Star Wars! Specifically, Dark Horse’s Star Wars Tales #20, an issue in which various indie creators took a crack at the Star Wars characters. Especially Jar Jar.

Also, our reactions to the trailer for the Green Lantern movie. Have all these superhero movies run their course?

A fun (if rather ribald and un-p.c.) conversation!

#198 Comics Evangelism

9/21/09 Comics Evangelism

Disney buys Marvel? Yeah, OK. Macintosh owners Tim, Patrik W, and Mulele discuss the Steve Jobs connection — could this lead to X-men on your iPhone?

If someone said, “What are these ‘comics’ of which you speak? I would like to try some,” what would you hand them? Watchmen? Why not? What might be a better choice?

How are Japanese attitudes toward comics different from those of Americans? Patrik has some interesting insights.

Patrik talks about the comics art exhibition he’s organizing. Also, what we’ve been reading.

The Hunter


Order of the Stick

Snake ‘n’ Bacon