#058 ’90s Comics Get the Brush-off

What’s the problem, Cable?
Well, for starters,
isn’t your torso awfully small??

Why did ’90s comics stink? Why don’t Japanese brushes spring back? Tim and Brandon reveal all!

#049 “Batman/Tarzan: Claws of the Catwoman,” and Brandon’s figure-drawing class!

Batman/Tarzan: Claws of the Catwoman, and Brandon’s figure-drawing class! (See his work below)

Who’s Taro Gomi?

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#047 “Civil War”, Online comics stuff, and the Boogeyman!

Discussion of Civil War tie-ins (New Avengers 21 & 22, Fantastic Four 536-539), She-Hulk 11, the Balloon Tales Web site, Strong Bad E-mail, and Sergio Aragones’ Boogeyman!

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#046 “Doc Frankenstein” and burning questions of comics philosophy

Doc Frankenstein

The Wachowski Brothers’ Doc Frankenstein #2 and further discussion of burning questions such as: Can single-panel cartoons be considered “comics”? Are comics “drawn” or “illustrated”? How does society — American and Japanese — perceive comics creators or comics readers?

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