Critiquing Comics #124: “The Adventures of Rage” and “The Big Sheep”

In this special Monday edition of Critiquing Comics, Tim and Mulele take on a couple of comics by our listeners:

First, Chris Calderon’s The Adventures of Rage drops us right into the middle of a battle. This is a time-honored approach, but is it being done well here?
¬† ¬†Then, Andre Mateus and Rahil Mohsin’s The Big Sheep gives us funny animals in a noir setting. How does this compare with Andre’s previous submission to Critiquing Comics?

Critiquing Comics #093: “Trista and Holt”

Trista and HoltTrista and Holt is Andrez Bergen’s noir adaptation of the centuries-old love story of Tristan and Isolde. It’s also put together with “deliberately cut-up/dada/found objects.” Tim and Mulele take a look at issue #1 to see how well one comic can juggle all these influences.

(Note: Bergen has also done a prose version of this story)

Critiquing Comics #072: Lifehacks

LifehacksLifehacks, by Ovi Demetrian Jr and Jen Hickman, is “a modern noir detective story about a hacker turned private investigator.” While the story idea and the art seem solid, Tim and Mulele have to put in some on-mic detective work to understand just where it is our main character works…

Critiquing Comics 014: Cross Hare

Cross HareCross Hare is a rabbit who’s a detective and a handyman, not necessarily in that order. How could it be improved? Tim and Mulele look for clues…