#044 “Superman: Red Son” and “The Truth”

FLASHBACK! Brandon has nothing but praise for Mark Millar’s Superman: Red Son; Tim’s feelings about the Dark Horse graphic novel The Truth are somewhat less adulatory…(Originally published October 9, 2006)

#256 Talking about “Star Wars”…again!

FIVE YEARS of “Deconstructing Comics”! We celebrate with a retro lineup (Tim, Mulele, and Brandon, plus Kumar) discussing the topic that we always used to accidentally end up talking about anyway: Star Wars! Specifically, Dark Horse’s Star Wars Tales #20, an issue in which various indie creators took a crack at the Star Wars characters. Especially Jar Jar.

Also, our reactions to the trailer for the Green Lantern movie. Have all these superhero movies run their course?

A fun (if rather ribald and un-p.c.) conversation!

#212 Emily the Strange

Emily the Strange

Emily the Strange began life as a character that appeared on merchandise, but lately she’s been fleshed out with a Dark Horse comics series and much more. Tim and Mulele talk about the first two trade paperback collections, and the controversy surrounding her origins.

Also, if you’re looking for a comics-creator “scene”, what’s the best city to go to? Some possibilities.

#200 Draw me in St. Louis: Super Spy, Lackadaisycats, and more!

10/5/09 Draw me in St. Louis

A 200th episode extravaganza!

Super SpySt. Louis resident Matt Kindt, creator of Super Spy, has been hard at work on several new titles, set at various points in the 20th century. Matt tells us what’s coming up and answers a few questions about Super Spy.


LackadaisycatsTracy Butler, also of St. Louis, shares Matt’s interest in comics set in the past — in particular, St. Louis in the 1920s. Her Web comic Lackadaisycats (now available as a book) is beautifully drawn, interesting, and hilarious.



ChewThen Tim and Mulele respond to some recent mail from listeners, and Mulele gives his impressions of the Image series Chew!

#186 Weird Crime Theater: A case study in comics collaboration

6/29/09 Weird Crime Theater: A case study in comics collaboration

Weird Crime TheaterWhat are the good and bad points of collaborating with someone on a comic? What adjustments do writer and artist need to make to each other’s way of working? As a case study in collaboration, Mulele and Kumar discuss the ups and downs of their collaborations on the comics “Full Throttle” and “Weird Crime Theater.”

#103 “The King”

The King

Don’t judge a book by its cover! The King, by Rich Koslowski, is about a lot more than “fat Elvis!” Tim and Brandon discuss.

Also, Brandon talks about Astronauts in Trouble: Master Flight Plan by Larry Young, with art by Matt Smith and Charlie Adlard; and Tim talks about Umbrella Academy issue 1, by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba.

#061 “Kingdom of the Wicked”

Kingdom of the WickedKingdom of the Wicked, by Ian Edginton and D’Israeli, gets our hopes up and dashes them. Also, what C.C. Beck told Will Eisner.

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