REVIEW: Mazinger

Go Nagai Creator, Story and Art; Takayuki S. / Mecha Design; Kazuhiro Amachi / Color; David Lewis and Alex Wald/ English Adaptation

First Comics, 1988

A few episodes back, I erroneously stated that Glenn Danzig was the first to bring Go Nagai’s work over to the US with Devilman (in which he infamously added nostrils to the characters for the American version).

This was categorically incorrect, and I should have known it at the time. Continue reading REVIEW: Mazinger

#290 Justifiable Homicide? pt 1: NEXUS


We begin a two-review series on comics that ask hard questions about whether murder can ever be justified. This week, Mike Baron and Steve Rude’s Nexus. Beginning in the early ’80s, Baron’s philosophical writing and Rude’s increasingly polished art presented the story of a the far future in which a man kills mass-murderers not out of revenge, but because he feels forced to “in self-defense.” Tim and Paul review.

Steve Rude’s Web site

Baron & Rude interviewed (May 2007)

Nexus no more (June 2009)

Steve Rude recalls making Nexus (video)

#190 American Flagg

7/27/09 American Flagg

American FlaggThough it had a lot of buzz when it first appeared in 1983, Howard Chaykin’s dystopian-future comic American Flagg! had fallen off the radar until recently. Now Image Comics has released two volumes containing the first 14 issues. Tim and Kumar discuss.