#301 Gerry Alanguilan

ElmerWhat would happen if chickens suddenly gained human intelligence? Gerry Alanguilan‘s take on this idea bears little resemblance to, oh say, Foghorn Leghorn. “Funny animal” comics it ain’t! Kumar talks to Gerry about his graphic novel Elmer, along with his earlier work Wasted, and the Philippine comics scene.

#250 Kickstarter.com

Kickstarter.comYou have the details all ironed out and the project is well under way. But you don’t have money to publish it when you’re done, or some other financial barrier exists. What to do? One option: kickstarter.com. Tim talks to two people who have managed successful comics-related Kickstarter projects: Thomas Negovan, publisher of Jeremy Bastion’s “Cursed Pirate Girl“; and Kenny Keil, creator of “Tales to Suffice“.

#186 Weird Crime Theater: A case study in comics collaboration

6/29/09 Weird Crime Theater: A case study in comics collaboration

Weird Crime TheaterWhat are the good and bad points of collaborating with someone on a comic? What adjustments do writer and artist need to make to each other’s way of working? As a case study in collaboration, Mulele and Kumar discuss the ups and downs of their collaborations on the comics “Full Throttle” and “Weird Crime Theater.”

#091 Persepolis and more

9/3/07 Persepolis and more

PersepolisFLASHBACK! Discussion of Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis (part 1), Ghost World by Daniel Clowes, and the second Fear Agent trade paperback, by Rick Remender and Jerome Opena — with side discussions on Taro Gomi, Lynda Barry, and the reasons why Tim’s comic was rejected by a publisher. Tim and Brandon discuss.