#200 Draw me in St. Louis: Super Spy, Lackadaisycats, and more!

10/5/09 Draw me in St. Louis

A 200th episode extravaganza!

Super SpySt. Louis resident Matt Kindt, creator of Super Spy, has been hard at work on several new titles, set at various points in the 20th century. Matt tells us what’s coming up and answers a few questions about Super Spy.


LackadaisycatsTracy Butler, also of St. Louis, shares Matt’s interest in comics set in the past — in particular, St. Louis in the 1920s. Her Web comic Lackadaisycats (now available as a book) is beautifully drawn, interesting, and hilarious.



ChewThen Tim and Mulele respond to some recent mail from listeners, and Mulele gives his impressions of the Image series Chew!

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2 thoughts on “#200 Draw me in St. Louis: Super Spy, Lackadaisycats, and more!”

  1. While Rorchach was inspired by The Question, I think Mulele is actually talking about / mixing it up with Mister A here.

    Also, Alan Moore was doing the “realistic superhero” thing in Marvelman YEARS before Dark Knight.

    So did the *mindset* of MARVELMAN inspire DKR, hence the echoing of ideas between DKR and WATCHMEN? Hell, did Reagan and the cold war inspire the same ideas in SF writers across the board, as you guys discussed?

    Or — wait a second! — did DAREDEVIL inspire MARVELMAN before *that* even!

    Actually, Alan Moore said his unusual attitude towards superheroes (at least compared to his peers) came from “Superduperman” in MAD. So there you go: Harvey Kurtzman trumps all of them.


    P.S. Also note that Alan Moore believes in “Idea Space” — a sort of realm (poor choice of word on my part I guess) where all ideas exist and people come along and grab them, just like the steam engine was invented by three people almost simultaneously yet completely independently.

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