#062 “Queen and Country”

A discussion of Greg Rucka and Steve Rolston’s Queen and Country leads to an evaluation of how comics stand up against other “visual narrative media.”

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Queen and Country TPB #1
Operation: Broken Ground

The silhouette in the background of panel one is the guy in the foreground of panel two. But the street corner sure has gotten a lot closer!

Th-the resemblance is… UNCANNY!

Heaviest. Toy gun. EVER.

Angela Chang or Cheng or whatever your name is… will you please get those frickin’ chopsticks out of your hair?!

#061 “Kingdom of the Wicked”

Kingdom of the WickedKingdom of the Wicked, by Ian Edginton and D’Israeli, gets our hopes up and dashes them. Also, what C.C. Beck told Will Eisner.

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#060 Searching for the Deeper Meaning: “Pride of Baghdad” and “Dead Memory”

Dead MemoryWe dig for the deeper meanings embedded in Brian K. Vaughn’s Pride of Baghdad and French graphic novel Dead Memory!

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#059 “Son of M” and “Preacher”


A look at the Hamburger Helper-filled Son of M miniseries, and the considerably meatier Preacher! Also, continuing our readthrough of Shop Talk, we discuss Jack Davis.

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#058 ’90s Comics Get the Brush-off

What’s the problem, Cable?
Well, for starters,
isn’t your torso awfully small??

Why did ’90s comics stink? Why don’t Japanese brushes spring back? Tim and Brandon reveal all!

#057 Tokyo Comic Market

Over the holidays, Tim visited the Tokyo Comic Market event, and gives his impressions. Also: A Mulele update, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, and Brandon’s review of the movie Eragon! (photo: At left, the one comic I bought, “Winter Holidays.” At right, the thick, heavy catalog for the event.)

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#054 “Pathfinder” — It’s a comic, not an SUV

PathfinderIt’s a comic, it’s a movie — but made simultaneously! We discuss the graphic novel Pathfinder by Leata Kalogridis and Christopher Shy!

Christopher Shy on the Web

Movie trailer

#053 Madman! Zombies! Hellspawn! HELP!

Mike Allred’s Madman, Cosby and Alexander’s Damn Nation, and Bendis and co’s Hellspawn! Plus, an important announcement about Mulele!

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