#043 A buttload of comics!

She-hulk 10A buttload of comics! Bone, She-Hulk, Moon Knight, and Y the Last Man (buy for 30% off at ComicsNOW)!

Ending music: Boogie in Your Butt: Eddie Murphy

Do these clouds really add anything? Brandon found them distracting.

Gee, I wonder if the big dude coming down the street is going to be important at all?!?

#041 More character design discussion, “The Evil Men Do”, and a Mulele update!

Spider-man and Black Cat: The Evil Men DoMore character design discussion, The Evil Men Do, and a Mulele update!


So Long, Superman: Firewater

Dreams: TV on the Radio

#040 Character design, political commentary, and Spider-Hag!

Pride of BaghdadCharacter design and/or political commentary in The Nevermen, Seal Team 7, The Marquis: Intermezzo, Pride of Baghdad, and DMZ! Plus, another behind-the-scenes look at Spider-Hag! (Hey, we’ve got an “in” with the creator!)

Review of Nevermen on iComics.com

NY Times article on Vaughan’s Pride of Baghdad


So Long, Superman: Firewater

Feed Me: Tricky

#039 Mixed Bag: “She-Hulk”, “X-men”, and a Serbian comic

She-Hulk 9: Why is the art at the end totally different?; X-men 187: A screwup in basic storytelling technique (see below); Serbian comic Daddy is So Far Away… We Must Find Him!: What does it all mean?!


So Long, Superman: Firewater

Hold Me, My Daddy: XTC

Salvador Larroca is a good artist, but what happened to his panel layout skills in X-men 187?! Check out these pages, and see if you can figure out what order to read the panels in!

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#038 Brandon’s Thoughts on Writing

Zombie 2.0In part two of our conversation on writing, Brandon talks about the factors that influence his writing.

Illustration: from Brandon’s short comic nicknamed “Zombie 2.0”


So Long, Superman: Firewater

Sole Survivor: Blue Oyster Cult

#035 Web Comics, “She-Hulk”, and inking

The Death of Web Comics?; She-Hulk good and bad points; a guide to inking


So Long, Superman: Firewater

Art Class (Song For Yayoi Kusama): Superchunk

#034 Storm, Not Storm

Adastra in Africa

Barry Windsor Smith’s “Adastra in Africa,” and Mark Chiarello and Todd Klein’s “DC Comics Guide to Coloring and Lettering Comics”!


So Long, Superman: Firewater

Opoungou Andimba: Patience Dabany