#186 Weird Crime Theater: A case study in comics collaboration

6/29/09 Weird Crime Theater: A case study in comics collaboration

Weird Crime TheaterWhat are the good and bad points of collaborating with someone on a comic? What adjustments do writer and artist need to make to each other’s way of working? As a case study in collaboration, Mulele and Kumar discuss the ups and downs of their collaborations on the comics “Full Throttle” and “Weird Crime Theater.”

#017 Newspaper strips

04/03/06 Newspaper strips

Rex Morgan logoFLASHBACK! The first time Mulele mentioned his co-creation Weird Crime Theater on the podcast, leading into a discussion of newspaper comic strips.

#185 “The 99” and “Persepolis”

6/22/09 The 99 and Persepolis

The 99 An interview with Naif al-Mutawa, creator and co-writer of “The 99,” a comic based on Islamic archetypes and with a target audience of “the world”!
Persepolis Tim and Brandon review the book “Persepolis 2” and the movie “Persepolis”, both by Marjane Satrapi. How does the movie, as an adaptation of a comic, compare with “The Watchmen”?

#091 Persepolis and more

9/3/07 Persepolis and more

PersepolisFLASHBACK! Discussion of Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis (part 1), Ghost World by Daniel Clowes, and the second Fear Agent trade paperback, by Rick Remender and Jerome Opena — with side discussions on Taro Gomi, Lynda Barry, and the reasons why Tim’s comic was rejected by a publisher. Tim and Brandon discuss.

#184 Jarrett in Lunar Boy Land

6/15/09 Jarrett in Lunar Boy Land

Lunar BoyOur friend Jarrett Williams returns to talk about his experiences at the Savannah College of Art and Design, including the SEQALAB podcast and his Web comic, Lunar Boy. Also, a talk with Mulele about the conclusion of his project for Kodansha, and what he plans to focus on next…

#183 The World of Steve Ditko

6/8/09 The World of Steve Ditko

Spidey 33 coverWhile he’s never stopped working, Steve Ditko’s most celebrated work was done decades ago, and he’s slammed the door on many opportunities for further success. If sticking to your principles prevents fame and fortune, is your career a failure or a success? Tim and Paul discuss the Fantagraphics coffee table biography “Strange and Stranger: The World of Steve Ditko” by Blake Bell.

#182 Web comics critiques

6/1/09 Web comics critiques

Evil DivaSo many comics on the Web. What’s worth reading and what isn’t? Tim and Mulele critique four Web comics, pointing out what’s good and bad about each — from a reader’s perspective, as well as a creator’s.

Evil Diva

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