#321 Exhibition and Inspiration: Katsuhiro Ootomo

A retrospective exhibit of the art of Katsuhiro Ootomo was recently held in Tokyo. Ootomo‘s work Akira is what inspired Mulele to come to Japan and learn to draw manga, so the exhibit was a chance to soak up inspiration and reflect on his current state of affairs. Patrik W, also an Ootomo fan from way back, attended and enjoyed. For Tim, not an Ootomo reader, it was a chance to see what he’s been missing. Discussion ensues.

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2 thoughts on “#321 Exhibition and Inspiration: Katsuhiro Ootomo”

  1. Patrick W. here. I’m relistening to the podcast and realized I have my dates all wrong. Not a big deal, but I first saw the Akira comic around 86-87. Must be getting old. All those dates are rushing together. Cool to hear how Otomo inspired Mulele to come to Japan and chase his comic dream. What I love about the creative arts is that it’s never too late to start (or get back on the horse). I’m rooting for you M-man. You inspire me to get off my ass and draw some panels.

  2. Gents, I did not translate “Hippo”, but I did translate AKIRA CLUB.

    There is actually not much Otomo available in English these days — basically AKIRA and DOMU are intermittently in print. Epic published some of his shorts back in the day, and there was a UK edition of MEMORIES at some stage.

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