#541 Kyoto Manga Museum

Kyoto Manga Museum

Most people don’t equate the ancient city of Kyoto, Japan, with comics, but that happens to be the location of a museum and reading library of comics from Japan and around the world. Tim visited The Kyoto International Manga Museum recently, and this week he discusses it with Kobe-based comics creator Graeme McNee.

Also, a stopoff in Nagoya to chat with Adam Pasion, head of Big Ugly Robot Press, and co-organizer of the Comic Art Tokyo event.

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#520 Kaigai Manga Festa 2016, part one!

Kaigai Manga Festa 2016

It’s time for another Kaigai Manga Festa roundup! This year’s international comics festival in Tokyo was held on October 23 at Tokyo Big Sight, alongside the Comitia festival as always. Tim caught up with some familiar faces and met some new ones as well!

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#509 Comic Art Tokyo 2016!


Comic Art Tokyo (CAT), organized by Adam Pasion of Big Ugly Robot Press and James Stacey of Black Hook Press, was held at 3331 Arts Chiyoda in Tokyo on July 31, 2016. Tim was there, recorder in hand, talking to tablers!

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Critiquing Comics #094: “Once Upon a Time in Morningside” and “PPPPMMHHSSSS”

Once Upon a Time in MorningsideOnce Upon a Time in Morningside, by Sean Michael Wilson and Hanna Strömberg, is the latest book from Big Ugly Robot Press. The book shows how “OK” places become “great” in retrospect, based on the things you remember happening there years before, and also how looking back on those things can teach you something new.

At MoCCA, Tim picked up A.T. Pratt‘s Papa Pratt’s Popup Popout Miggy Mouse Horror House Super Secret Special Surprise and Miggy Mouse’s Sweets and Treats, two books with a great approach to constructing a book (see below), but how is the experience of reading them?

Tim and Mulele discuss.

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#499 Organizing Comics Events

Comics EventsWhat goes into planning a comics event? How can organizers respond to complaints from fans and cosplayers about sexual harassment and long lines? This week we ask Emerald City Comicon founder Jim Demonakos, now Global Director of Comic Talent at ReedPOP, about these issues, as well as how to maximize profits when tabling at a con, why comics events have multiplied, and what the future holds for comics conventions.

Also, Adam Pasion of Big Ugly Robot Press gives us the scoop on Big Ugly Robot and Black Hook Press‘s new event coming to Tokyo this July, Comic Art Tokyo!

Critiquing Comics #090: Here, After; Coco Soco; Apartment Hunt

Here, After; Coco Soco; Apartment Hunt

Critiquing Comics returns with a look at three comics with connections to past DCP and CCP episodes: