#520 Kaigai Manga Festa 2016, part one!

Kaigai Manga Festa 2016

It’s time for another Kaigai Manga Festa roundup! This year’s international comics festival in Tokyo was held on October 23 at Tokyo Big Sight, alongside the Comitia festival as always. Tim caught up with some familiar faces and met some new ones as well!

1:38 James Stacey, Black Hook Press and co-organizer of Comic Art Tokyo

James Stacey

James Stacey

5:30 Adam Pasion, Big Ugly Robot Press and co-organizer of Comic Art Tokyo
Adam PasionAdam Pasion
8:05 Victor Edison, “Life in Japan”
Victor EdisonVictor Edison
9:42 Chris Carlier, “Little in Japan”
Chris Carlier

Chris Carlier


10:55 Rianti Hidayat
Victor EdisonRianti Hidayat
12:44 Raynart
Chiyun Yeh and Marcelo SoutoRaynart
14:07 Goku
Rob McMasterGoku
15:20 Jennaris and Saeko Doyle
Saeko Doyle and Jennaris (l-r)Saeko Doyle and Jennaris (l-r)
18:08 Nao Yazawa
Nao YazawaNao Yazawa
23:29 Laser MU
Laser MUMonique and Kay (a.k.a. Laser MU)
24:55 Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF)
Chris Butcher and John Burgamo, TCAFChris Butcher and John Burgamo
26:36 break
28:17 Petar Tasev
Petar TasevPetar Tasev
30:11 Jeremy Lambrose, “Citizen Spaceman”, “Domestic Abuse”
Jeremy LambroseJeremy Lambrose
31:55 Question No. 6
Question No. 6Question No. 6
34:22 Steven Cummings, “Wayward”
Steven CummingsSteven Cummings
41:00 Jim Zub, “Wayward”, “Thunderbolts”
Jim ZubJim Zub
43:50 Ivan Brandon
Ivan BrandonIvan Brandon
44:47 Chikuhama Kazuko
Chikuhama KazukoChikuhama Kazuko, Shiritori
47:33 Natalie Andrewson, “Swim Team Superstar”
Natalie AndrewsonNatalie Andrewson
50:47 Eri Inoue, Tamia Baudouin, and Loic Locatelli (and others!)
Eri Inoue, Tamia Baudouin, and Loic LocatelliEri Inoue, Tamia Baudouin, and Loic Locatelli
52:35 Andrea Nagai
Andrea NagaiAndrea Nagai
57:34 Martin Faynot, “French Dad in Japan”
Martin FaynotMartin Faynot

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