#509 Comic Art Tokyo 2016!


Comic Art Tokyo (CAT), organized by Adam Pasion of Big Ugly Robot Press and James Stacey of Black Hook Press, was held at 3331 Arts Chiyoda in Tokyo on July 31, 2016. Tim was there, recorder in hand, talking to tablers!

1:32 Loic Locatelli, Tamia Baudouin, Rosalie Stroesser

Loic Locatelli, Tamia Baudouin, Rosalie Stroesser

Loic Locatelli, Tamia Baudouin, and Rosalie Stroesser (l-r)

4:06 Remi (@messedupOL)


5:51 Sayululu


7:12 Phillip Marsden
Phillip Marsden

Phillip Marsden


11:24 Victor Edison
Victor EdisonVictor Edison


12:57 Chiyun Yeh and Marcelo Souto
Chiyun Yeh and Marcelo SoutoChiyun Yeh and Marcelo Souto


16:22 New Patreon rewards
19:16 RobMcMaster
Rob McMasterRob McMaster


20:53 Chris Carlier
Chris CarlierChris Carlier


22:09 Jessie Mok
Jessie MokJessie Mok


24:10 Takako Miki
Takako MikiTakako Miki


26:45 Julia Hall
Julia HallJulia Hall


28:55 Mokutan Angelo
AngeloMokutan Angelo (l)


30:21 JL Mast
JL MastJL Mast


32:40 DCP In Touch
35:54 Myamo


39:44 Andrew Woodrow-Butcher, TCAF
TCAFAndrew Woodrow-Butcher, TCAF


41:31 Comic Catapult
Comic CatapultPauline Ferrari (r), Comic Catapult


43:34 Max Ebert and Lukas Stobie
Max EbertMax Ebert


46:24 Graeme McNee
Graeme McNeeGraeme McNee


51:52 Bunny Bissoux
Bunny BissouxBunny Bissoux


55:18 James Stacey, co-organizer

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