#392 Writing the Book on Miller’s “Daredevil”

daredevil2Tim Across America pt 2! In Nashville, Tim visits with his brother Paul about his progress on his book about Frank Miller’s Daredevil run. What was Daredevil like before Miller got ahold of the book? What was Miller’s inspiration for making it more of a gritty crime book? How did he end up contradicting his own original take on the character?

Also, a visit with The Great Escape in Madison, TN!

#391 New Yorkers and Comics!

From HellTim Across America, pt 1! Tim visits with the New York Aspiring Comic Creators Club, a networking group for some guys who are trying to get their comics made and seen while they earn their livings doing other kinds of art. What story points do they find is easier, or harder, to get across in sequential art form? How are they publicizing their work? That and more.

Also, in Ask a Retailer, Tim talks to Matt Seneca at Bergen Street Comics, where they’ve announced that most Marvel and DC books will no longer be shelved. Why not?

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#390 “From Hell” (plus a Kickstarter)

From HellIn the early ’90s, Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell’s From Hell, based on the true story of Jack the Ripper, was published in issues, and collected in 1999. Kumar and Dana find that, upon re-reading (or re-re-re-reading), new questions still arise. What’s the story about? Why does the killer sometimes come off as a wise prophet? Many scenes are simply puzzling and need sufficient time to unpack. And then there’s the Star Wars reference…

Also this week, Kumar and Mulele discuss their upcoming Kickstarter project for Weird Crime Theater!

Critiquing Comics #059: Twisted Dark

twisteddarkWe all know the appeal of stories with twist endings. But what exactly constitutes a twist ending? And what other factors do you need to make it work? Brandon joins Tim and Mulele to discuss Neil Gibson’s Twisted Dark, vol 1.

#389 Happy Eighth Anniversary (two months ago)!

Mulele, Tim, Brandon (L-R) taking the podcast back to its roots this week

Last December 5 was our eighth anniversary. This week, we celebrate a bit late, by bringing together the three founders of Deconstructing Comics: Tim, Mulele, and Brandon. We talk about where we are comics-wise (reading and/or creating) and, well, whatever comes to mind…