#389 Happy Eighth Anniversary (two months ago)!

Mulele, Tim, Brandon (L-R) taking the podcast back to its roots this week

Last December 5 was our eighth anniversary. This week, we celebrate a bit late, by bringing together the three founders of Deconstructing Comics: Tim, Mulele, and Brandon. We talk about where we are comics-wise (reading and/or creating) and, well, whatever comes to mind…

#126 Black Dossier & more

FLASHBACK! Tim and Brandon struggle with League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Black Dossier, zip through Alex Robinson’s Lower Regions, revisit The Black Diamond, and go back in comics history for The Grendel Archives. (originally published May 5, 2008)

#113 Alex Robinson

2/4/08 Alex Robinson

TrickedFLASHBACK! Re-presenting Tim’s interview with Alex Robinson. He talks about Box Office Poison, Tricked, Lower Regions, and the then-upcoming Too Cool To Be Forgotten, as well as the difficulty of working toward a deadline that’s months away…!

#145 “Too Cool to be Forgotten”

9/15/08 Too Cool to be Forgotten

Too Cool to be ForgottenAlex Robinson’s new book is finally here! Brandon and Tim review “Too Cool to be Forgotten” and Lars Martinson’s “Tonoharu”.

#113 Alex Robinson

We haven’t read much of anything in the graphic storytelling format that beats Alex Robinson’s Tricked. He was gracious enough to come on this week’s episode and chat with Tim. Enjoy!

Alex Robinson’s site

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