REVIEW: Monstrosis #1

by Chris Wisnia

SLG Publishing, 2011

Black & White

One of the big news stories this past week was Dan Vado’s announcement that SLG Publishing was completely phasing out print floppies and switching to digital for their 20-pagers. Which means that you’ll have to get yourself to a computer to read this fine, fine comic (and this review!). Note that downloading Monstrosis #1 is FREE from SLG’s website.

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#296 Little Orphan Annie

Harold Gray’s Little Orphan Annie debuted in 1924 and was a big success. FDR having not yet turned him against organized labor, Gray shows hardworking Annie going on strike in one of her many jobs. Tim and Kumar discuss the ’20s strips, their strengths and idiosyncrasies (one strip=one day?!), and how Gray’s outlook changed later.

The Eternal Orphan (

Legends Revealed! (

#295 Manga and American comics: Should the twain meet?

Marvel MangaverseDan Kanemitsu talks with Tim about how he and others in the manga industry have responded to the new Tokyo censorship law. The conversation also covers the differences, and interactions, between American and Japanese comics, the creative freedom enjoyed by women in Japanese comics, and much more.

Critiquing Comics 006: “Fall on Me”

Fall on MeWomanthology participant Adriana Blake’s “Fall On Me“, a cute, well-drawn relationship comic. What’s missing from this picture? Tim and Mulele critique.

#294 Dan Kanemitsu & the Tokyo manga/anime law

AkisoraLast December, we discussed a law that had just been passed in Tokyo to limit access by minors to manga and anime showing certain sexual acts. Now the law has gone into effect: what’s changed? What’s covered and what isn’t? What effect does the law have on what’s published, or what’s sold in other parts of Japan? This week Mulele and Tim talk to perhaps the most authoritative English-speaking voice on this topic, Dan Kanemitsu a manga translator who has helped to bring international attention to Tokyo’s Bill 156. A very educational discussion about Japan, child porn, and manga publishing ensues.

U.S. Embassy in Japan on child pornography and manga/anime: Spring 2008

Pornography, Rape, and Sex Crimes in Japan by Milton Diamond and Ayako Uchiyama

Japan Refuses to Pass Legislation Banning Child Pornography Possession ( – 5/14/10)

Critiquing Comics 004: “Burnt”

BurntTim and Mulele try to get “Burnt” — Thane Benson’s graphic novel. With only a ten-page preview available, they only manage to get singed, but it’s not an unpleasant experience! Is it any wonder that his Kickstarter project got funded?

REVIEW: Transformers #23

Written by: James Roberts

Art by: Alex Milne

Colors by: Joana Lafuente

Letters by Shawn Lee

IDW Publishing, August 2011

If you had told me 25 years ago that I would one day be reading a Transformers comic about senatorial politics, I would have said, “What’s senatorial politics?!”

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