#598 Dylan Horrocks looks back at “Hicksville”


Twenty years after the first collection of Hicksville was released, creator Dylan Horrocks talks to Emmet about how the comic looks to him now. Some of the work’s commentary on the comics industry turned out to presage subsequent developments, and in some cases he ended up not going far enough! Also, his source for a Jack Kirby quote that many experts were unaware of; the public’s misinterpretation of the term “graphic novel”; the explosion of female and minority comics creators, especially outside of the Big Two; and more.

#376 Matt Emery and Pikitia Press

Matt Emery This week, an interview with Matt Emery, a comics creator from New Zealand who lives in Melbourne and has started his own publishing house, Pikitia Press. He’ll be talking with Kumar about the Melbourne comics scene, why he started publishing and how he got started in it.

#197 Adrian Raeside: From The Other Coast to Antarctica

9/14/09 Adrian Raeside: From The Other Coast to Antarctica

Canadian cartoonist Adrian Raeside is a veteran of editorial cartoons, the comics page (The Other Coast), animation, and children’s books. He talks about all of these and his newest book, Return to Antarctica, in a wide-ranging interview.