#476 Ten Years, Eleven Guests

DCP 10th AnniversaryYes, somehow it’s been ten whole years since Tim, Brandon, and Mulele sat down together and recorded the first episode of Deconstructing Comics! Rather than get the gang back together again, this time we present eleven past DCP interviewees all answering the same question: “Name an important development you see happening in comics now, good or bad, and say why you think it’s important.” Tim gets answers to this question from Stephen Bissette, Shaenon Garrity, Dan Jurgens, Chris Bachalo, Natalie Nourigat, and many more! (see entire list below)

1:12 Shaenon Garrity, of Viz Media
6:12 Natalie Nourigat, graphic novelist and an apprentice at Disney
9:10 Stephen Bissette, former penciller on D.C.’s “Swamp Thing”, currently teaching at the Center for Cartoon Studies
24:53 Ryan Cecil Smith, creator of the comics series “S.F.”
36:16 Mike Seid, an artist and the leader of the New York Aspiring Comics Creators Club
42:41 Dale Wilson, head of Los Angeles-based DWAP Productions
51:07 Chris Bachalo, currently pencilling “Dr. Strange” for Marvel Comics
1:05:33 Dan Jurgens, currently writer and artist on several books for D.C. Comics
1:11:05 Madeleine Rosca, creator of the comics series “Hollow Fields”
1:18:55 Irene Strychalski, creator of the web comic “Shaman Child”
1:23:61 Frank Santoro, creator of the graphic novels “Storeyville” and “Pompeii”, and teacher of comics creation through Comics Workbook

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