#475 International Comics Fest 2015, pt 2

Kaigai 2015

This week our coverage of Tokyo’s International Comics Festival concludes with creators from Finland, Brazil, France, Japan, Indonesia, and the U.S., including a chat with podcast co-founder Mulele on what he’s learned in the past year of convention tabling.

1:49 Dara (represented by Stefan) (France) Astray, Dædall

Stefan (Dara)


5:55 Chris “Sketchfro” Taylor (USA) Relic Hunter Riven
Chris TaylorChris Taylor


9:49 Nao Yazawa (Japan) Nao on DeviantArt
Nao YazawaNao Yazawa


14:28 Morimizu Shuba and Shiga Hanako My Big Brother is Inside Me!
Morimizu Shuba and Shiga Hanako

Morimizu Shuba and Shiga Hanako


17:35 Jeremy Lambros (USA) Domestic Abuse
Jeremy LambrosJeremy Lambros


22:39 Peter V. Nguyen Wolverines; Deathstroke
Peter V. NguyenPeter V. Nguyen


25:23 Angelo Katarizaiku


32:45 Ryusuke Hamamoto (Japan) Ryusukeworks
Ryusuke HamamotoRyusuke Hamamoto


36:02 Chikuhama (Japan) Shiritori

Chikuhama's books

Chikuhama’s books


41:33 Rianti Hidayat (Indonesia) Rianti Hidayat
Rianti HidayatRianti Hidayat


44:28 Frank Dowd MediBang!
Frank DowdFrank Dowd, MediBang!


45:47 Sanmagumo (Finland/Japan) Sanmagumo, Finnish and Japanese “yokai”
Finland“Pinya Niall” (spelling?)


48:19 Raynart (France) Raynart on DeviantArt


50:27 Eternal-S (France) Eternal-S


52:24 Patrik I-W (USA) Patokon; Hexenringe; Usako and Alice and Me
Patrik I-WPatrik I-W


1:00:34 Mulele (USA) Elbis; Mindgator; Weird Crime Theater


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2 thoughts on “#475 International Comics Fest 2015, pt 2”

  1. Dear Mr.Tim Young

    Thank you for the recent TICF.

    I’m scenario writer Morimizu Shuba.
    I wrote scenario of My big brother is inside me! (Atashi no naka ni oniichan ga……!)

    I heard a broadcast of Podcast.
    Thank you for interview.

    Excuse me for unskilled at speaking.
    Because I am a writer.
    So It’s a useless except Japanese scenario.

    It was interesting to hear the story of various artists.

    I hope to see you again. Thank you!

    Moromizu Shuba

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