Critiquing Comics #193: “The Zombie Game”

The Zombie Game

At what was ostensibly a rave, some kids are turned into zombies. How do the remaining kids deal with it? And– why didn’t THEY get turned into zombies? That’s the scenario of The Zombie Game, by Dan Bridges, Gary Ambrosia, Pablo Ayala, Lucase Gattoni, and Emily McGuiness (currently on Kickstarter). Tim and Jason try to make their way out of the house.

Critiquing Comics #108: “Good or Dead” and “Solus”

Good or Dead/Solus

Last time we looked at the first of five comics concepts on Irrational Comics’ “PITCH” page. This time, we get some answers about exactly how these 12-page teasers came to be, and critique two more of them: “Good or Dead” (about a zombie apocalypse in Singapore) by Louis Png, and “Solus” (about a monster on a rampage in a spacecraft) by Dan Amariles.

Critiquing Comics #079: Hipster Picnic

Hipster PicnicIn Patrick Yurick’s Hipster Picnic, being a zombie serves as a metaphor for… what, exactly? Having anger issues? Does the metaphor work? Tim and Mulele discuss.

#443 Jason Thompson: Teen angst, zombies, and mangaka

The Stiff

Why draw in a manga style? Why are zombies popular? How can you represent the comics creation experience in a card game? These questions and more as Tim interviews Jason Thompson, author of Manga: The Complete Guide, the Web comic The Stiff, and Kickstarter project card game Mangaka.

Critiquing Comics #056: Bounty Hunter #0

Bounty Hunter

You wake up to discover that the zombies have attacked, and you now have super powers! Lots of other stuff has also happened, but some of it stays frustratingly off-panel in Bounty Hunter #0, by Sean Koury and Scott Twells!

#215 Gestalt rises from Down Under

Australia is not world-renowned for its comics scene. But Perth-based Gestalt Comics is trying to change that. Co-founders Wolf Bylsma and Skye Ogden talk to Tim about the Aussie comics scene and what Gestalt is doing to try to develop it.