#469 Fred Van Lente, timewalker

Ivar, TimewalkerTime travel is a fascinating topic to many, and Fred Van Lente‘s current Ivar, Timewalker series from Valiant isĀ  timesurfing at both its most fun, and most scientific, with nods to Stephen Hawking’s writings on the subject. Van Lente did his own time jump to the past a couple years ago in The Comic Book History of Comics. This week Tim discusses both these works with him, along with Spider-Man, Archer & Armstrong, reassessing Fredric Wertham, and more.

Critiquing Comics 015: Time-Travelling

Time-TravellingA short but mind-bending scientific/philosophical comic: “Time-Travelling” by Kevin Huizinga, who does some amazing things with the comics medium to make his points. We pull it up on the “What things do” site and discuss.