#496 Oglaf: Sword, Sorcery, and Sex


If you like your comedy sexy (or your porn funny), you’re probably a fan of Oglaf, Doug Bayne and Trudy Cooper‘s long-running Web comic. This week, Tim calls up Doug and Trudy in Sydney to talk about the fantasy-parody elements of the strip, the missing main character Ivan, the diversity of sexual orientations in the strip, why they rarely table at conventions, and more.

Critiquing Comics #060: “Bits Fair”

bitsfair Irya is a boy in a unidentified country. His brother has just left, saying he’s going to “farm”. Then, Irya moves rocks by telekinesis. Wait, what? Tim and Mulele discuss Bits Fair, a Web comic that’s basically good, but could use some tweaking — in terms of the writing, and other things as well…

Critiquing Comics #036: “The Oswald Chronicles”

Oswald ChroniclesA lushly-drawn, colorful fantasy tale of a powerful mouse. What could possibly go wrong? Well, our recording software, for one thing! Tim and Mulele brave technical difficulties to critique J.D. Calderon’s The Oswald Chronicles.