Critiquing Comics #060: “Bits Fair”

bitsfair Irya is a boy in a unidentified country. His brother has just left, saying he’s going to “farm”. Then, Irya moves rocks by telekinesis. Wait, what? Tim and Mulele discuss Bits Fair, a Web comic that’s basically good, but could use some tweaking — in terms of the writing, and other things as well…

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2 thoughts on “Critiquing Comics #060: “Bits Fair””

  1. Thanks for critiquing it, guys! 😀 You’ve definitely made a lot good points about the editing of the story, I’ll definitely have to think about that stuff and maybe go back and fix if I ever print the comic.

    And I 100% agree that the parts of the chapter that are set during the sunset are coloured in a way that makes the action hard to see. I was trying my best to somehow fix that while colouring, but I just can’t seem to break away from trying to colour everything realistically… I guess that’s just something that I’ll have to work on.

    Anyway, I really enjoyed listening to this! Big thanks again!

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