#211 Stephenny Godfrey and “Panorama”

Steph Godfrey, of San Francisco by way of Perth, Australia, recently made a comic called Panorama, based on a dream she had and how it affected her life. Tim talks to Steph about the background of the comic, and then reviews it with Mulele.

#205 What is “good coloring”?

11/9/09 What is “good coloring”?

If you’ve been feeling like mainstream comics coloring is sometimes over-rendered, hyper-realistic, and/or muddy, you’re not alone. Ron Richards has been very vocal in, er, expressing his displeasure with it on the iFanboy podcast. Ron joins Tim and colorist Brian Miller of Hi-Fi Design to discuss the reasons the color turns out that way, problems that colorists should learn to avoid, and, well, just what is “good coloring” anyway?

#189 Two Mormons Named Mike

7/20/09 Two Mormons Named Mike

Madman Atomic Comics Mike Allred’s Madman Atomic Comics not only continues the trippy, colorful, highly imaginative path of previous Madman offerings, it kicks those elements up several more notches. Tim and STORM explore.
Mike Garcia Before the podcast existed, before Mulele and Tim even knew Brandon, there was the comics class. Fellow former participant Mike Garcia is now publishing a Web comic, The Adventures of Mike Garcia, which takes a sweet yet clear-eyed look at college, Mormonism, and other aspects of his life.

#125 The Four Immigrants Manga

04/28/08 The Four Immigrants Manga

The Four Immigrants MangaFLASHBACK! The Four Immigrants Manga is the story of Japanese immigrants in early 20th century San Francisco. Tim and Kumar review.

The Four Immigrants Manga : A Japanese Experience in San Francisco, 1904-1924

#179 Bay Area forecast: STORM

5/11/09 Bay Area forecast: STORM

StormSTORM, the fourth (at least!) member of the San Francisco comics cooperative Writers Old Fashioned to appear on this podcast, talks about his comic Princess Witch Boy, recent West Coast conventions, LGBT comics, and why Ororo Munroe trumps Scott Summers any day of the week…

#112 Matt Silady and “The Homeless Channel”

1/28/08 Matt Silady and “The Homeless Channel”

The Homeless ChannelFLASHBACK! Our first encounter with San Francisco’s “Writer’s Old Fashioned” comics cooperative was when Tim called first-time graphic novelist Matt Silady “lazy” during a review of his book. Matt e-mailed us in protest, and we had him on the show!

#173 Diamond and the U.S. Comics Market

3/30/09 Diamond and the U.S. Comics Market

Is the hysteria over Diamond’s sales $1000 sales threshold increase founded? Tim talks to two publishers, a retailer, and a Diamond VP and finds that, while the seas are not always smooth sailing, the ship that is the U.S. comics market does not seem to have too many leaks.


#129 Matt Silady’s graphic novel workshop

Matt Silady makes his triumphant return to the podcast, to talk about his Eisner nomination, the graphic novel workshop he recently taught, and drawing right on the the computer screen.