Critiquing Comics #065: “Square” #11

Square #11Ian McMurray‘s Square #11 is a tour de force of autobiographical cartooning, eschewing chronology, switching up styles, and closely observing himself and the things and people around him. He digs deep within himself and still makes it a fun read. Tim and Mulele discuss.

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#417 Rus Wooton wrote us some letters

Rus Wooton lettering

We turn our attention to comics lettering this week, and longtime letterer Rus Wooton. Rus worked on a lot of Marvel books in the 2000s, and his work can currently be seen on numerous Image titles, including Black Science (left). Tim talks with Rus about what makes lettering good or bad, how to get lettering work, the pluses and minuses of all-caps lettering vs “sentence case,” comics written and drawn by Rus, and more.

Critiquing Comics #064 “R.U.N.”

RUNA parkour manga from Greece is the topic. A parkour manga featuring a French high school student in suburban Tokyo, and a mysterious punk-ninja-parkour gang. What could go wrong? In fact, Tim and Mulele find, surprisingly little!

R.U.N. by Kariofillis Chris Chatzopoulos, Rafail Voutsidis, Lagouvardos Manos, and Nikitas Efimidis

Critiquing Comics #063.5 Angie Bongiolatti

Angie BongiolattiCritiquing Comics returns at last, with a look at Mike Dawson’s Angie Bongiolatti,
a story of twentysomethings in New York just after 9/11. The book has been published by Secret Acres, and Tim and Mulele can see why: the art and scripting are well done. And yet…something about this book is not quite there.

#244 Calvin & Hobbes

Calvin and HobbesFLASHBACK! From 1985 to 1995, Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes challenged newspaper readers with imaginative stories, beautiful art, philosophical discussions, and ROTFL gags. Watterson famously eschewed commercialism, not only in the strip, but in real life, approving no C&H tie-in products other than books of strips and a calendar or two. Tim and Kumar discuss this game-changing strip and how relevant it remains today.

Originally published September 6, 2010