#262 “The Supervillain” and a Shoutout

stumpMulele & Tim, long overdue to critique some Web comics on the podcast, find a couple of sites chock-full of them.

First, The Supervillain, which features five different creators, a different one every weekday — and an opportunity for other artists on the weekend!

Then, the comics of John Roberson, who recently gave this podcast some warm fuzzies in his blog. Can Tim & Mulele return the favor?

Finally, time to do some self-promotion: Mulele talks about Weird Crime Theater.

#261 Little Lulu

Little LuluYou’ve probably heard of Little Lulu. Perhaps you’ve read one of her comics, or maybe you saw the ’90s cartoon series on HBO. But did you know that, in the mid-20th century, Lulu was a merchandising juggernaut? Tim and Kumar discuss the background of the character, and review the Dark Horse book Lulu Takes a Trip.

Little Lulu at Harvard

#260 The Rocketeer

RocketeerDave Stevens’ The Rocketeer was part of the early ’80s wave of indy comics that brought us American Flagg! and others. It features a ’30s setting, an un-heroically motivated protagonist, and enough cheesecake to fill a bakery. Tim and Kumar evaluate the value of the work 30 years on.

#259 Jarrett Williams and “Super Pro K.O.”!

When last we checked in with Jarrett Williams, he was a student at Savannah College of Art & Design, and creator of the Web comic “Lunar Boy”. Since then, he’s graduated from SCAD and signed with Oni Press to publish a pro wrestling graphic novel series, “Super Pro K.O.”!  Tim talks with Jarret about his take on the wrestling business, how he deals with criticism, his work process, and more.

#044 “Superman: Red Son” and “The Truth”

FLASHBACK! Brandon has nothing but praise for Mark Millar’s Superman: Red Son; Tim’s feelings about the Dark Horse graphic novel The Truth are somewhat less adulatory…(Originally published October 9, 2006)