#261 Little Lulu

Little LuluYou’ve probably heard of Little Lulu. Perhaps you’ve read one of her comics, or maybe you saw the ’90s cartoon series on HBO. But did you know that, in the mid-20th century, Lulu was a merchandising juggernaut? Tim and Kumar discuss the background of the character, and review the Dark Horse book Lulu Takes a Trip.

Little Lulu at Harvard

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  1. You guys briefly talk about “Nancy” by Ernie Bushmiller. You should really check out Bushmiller’s work ASAP. Certainly, the new Fantagraphics edition of Nancy, coming out later this year, will be the best way to read his stuff, but you can find a bunch of his “Fritzi Ritz” strips online, on various classic comics blogs, and they’re freakin’ hilarious. I recommend doing so.

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