#275 Slott Super Stories

Amazing Spider-Man 655This week we veer off into the superhero lane, as longtime webhead Tim compares notes on recent issues of The Amazing Spider-Man with Kumar, who hadn’t read ASM in years & wondered what all the fuss was about over Dan Slott’s ongoing run. Slott does his best to stick to the axiom that “every issue is someone’s first”, so you have to make the bones thrown to fanboys understandable to newbies; how did Kumar fare? Also discussed are the wisdom (or lack thereof) of trying to explain the unexplainable, e.g. “spider sense”, and other things that did or didn’t work for us in ASM 654-657.

Plus, a shoutout to Gerry Alanguilan, author of the newly published Elmer.

#043 A buttload of comics!

She-hulk 10A buttload of comics! Bone, She-Hulk, Moon Knight, and Y the Last Man (buy for 30% off at ComicsNOW)!

Ending music: Boogie in Your Butt: Eddie Murphy

Do these clouds really add anything? Brandon found them distracting.

Gee, I wonder if the big dude coming down the street is going to be important at all?!?

#035 Web Comics, “She-Hulk”, and inking

The Death of Web Comics?; She-Hulk good and bad points; a guide to inking


So Long, Superman: Firewater

Art Class (Song For Yayoi Kusama): Superchunk