#765 “The Re-Up” #2 and “Megillah Sunday Funnies”

The Re-Up 2 and Megillah Sunday Funnies

This podcast continues to be a booster of Chad Bilyeu (“Chad in Amsterdam“), and he’s been busy lately! In addition to releasing the second issue of The Re-Up, his recollection of that time when he was a pot dealer, he’s also curated an anthology, called Megillah Sunday Funnies, that is also a museum show (through May 26, 2023) and auction of the original work in the publication, by 35 different indy creators. This time, Tim and Kumar dig into both.

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Critiquing Comics #180: “SpiderForest Webcomic Anthology 4”

Spider Forest

Last episode, we mentioned how writing a short, tight story can be more challenging than writing a sprawling epic. Right on cue comes Spider Forest Webcomic Anthology 4, an engaging collection of short comics by 17 creators of web comics. Tim and Mulele discuss which are the best (and which are merely good!), and whether perhaps some of these stories are a little too short.

Spider Forest Kickstarter – beginning October 12, 2020

Critiquing Comics #152: “Monogatari”


This time we look at the second anthology from Tokyo Collective, called Monogatari. The title is Japanese for “story” and is made up of words meaning “thing” and “talk about,” and the stories in this book do indeed talk about things —  things that are found in Tokyo. We discuss our favorites, and others that we found less compelling.

Also: Are America’s Big Two comics companies headed for a cliff? We look at recent articles by Matt McGloin on Marvel and DC‘s business woes, and consider what it might mean if the Big Two went under.

Critiquing Comics #138: “Hajime”

Hajime is an anthology (the first in a proposed series from new group Tokyo Collective, or ToCo) presenting four-page stories from seven artists about their first impressions upon arriving in Tokyo. Longtime Tokyo residents Tim and Mulele discuss.

#517 “Kramers Ergot” 9

Kramer's Ergot 9The ninth issue of Kramers Ergot is finally available. This week, Kumar and Ryan discuss the feel of the book overall (does it feel a bit more scattered than past editions?), as well as discussing individual stories by the likes of Adam Buttrick, Kim Deitch, Dash Shaw, Baptiste Virote, Abraham Diaz, Andy Burkholder, Manuel Fiore, Steve Weissman, Gabrielle Bell, and Michael Deforge.

Critiquing Comics #080: Ugli Studios Presents #2

Ugli Presents 2Back in Critiquing Comics #25, we discussed the first issue of comics anthology mag Ugli Studios Presents. This time Tim and Mulele are looking at issue 2, finding some interesting ideas and art but some missed opportunities and places where crucial establishing shots don’t appear, leading to confusion. Maybe these creators just needed more pages to tell their stories?

#191 Awesomeness in Bolt City

8/3/09 Awesomeness in Bolt City

CopperKazu Kibuishi’s Bolt City Web site is a smorgasbord of awesomeness, featuring the monthly strip Copper, early work Clive Cabbage, first pages of his book Daisy Kutter, and how-tos for working on scanned art in Adobe PhotoShop. Kibuishi is also the editor of a series of anthology comics called Flight. Tim and Mulele review the site and the first volume of Flight.