#125 The Four Immigrants Manga

04/28/08 The Four Immigrants Manga

The Four Immigrants MangaFLASHBACK! The Four Immigrants Manga is the story of Japanese immigrants in early 20th century San Francisco. Tim and Kumar review.

The Four Immigrants Manga : A Japanese Experience in San Francisco, 1904-1924

#162 Mulele’s Kodansha Project

1/12/09 Mulele’s Kodansha Project

MindgatorThis week we’ll get the latest on Mulele’s project with the Japanese publisher Kodansha. This has been cooking for two years now. Will a published comic be the final result?

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#145 “Too Cool to be Forgotten”

9/15/08 Too Cool to be Forgotten

Too Cool to be ForgottenAlex Robinson’s new book is finally here! Brandon and Tim review “Too Cool to be Forgotten” and Lars Martinson’s “Tonoharu”.