#034 Storm, Not Storm

Adastra in Africa

Barry Windsor Smith’s “Adastra in Africa,” and Mark Chiarello and Todd Klein’s “DC Comics Guide to Coloring and Lettering Comics”!


So Long, Superman: Firewater

Opoungou Andimba: Patience Dabany

#033 San Diego Dreaming: Pros and the Con

The Comic-Con is there, and we’re here. Sigh. Brandon went last year, and he talks about the experience. Also, some observations on a few of the panel discussions scheduled for this year.

San Diego Comic-Con site

“Sheldon” by Dave Kellet


So Long, Superman: Firewater

Going to California: Dread Zeppelin

#032 “Ex Machina”

We discuss Brian K. Vaughan and Tony Harris’ Ex Machina— but if you haven’t read it, we have to issue a SPOILER ALERT! Also, more talk about Marvel Comics “events” over the years.

Comic Book Resources



So Long, Superman: Firewater

Speeding: The Creatures