Armed with an awesome press pass, Tim walks the floor of Seattle’s Emerald City Comicon! It’s his first time attending a con, and as everyone keeps telling him, for a first-con experience, you can’t beat Emerald City. As he gathers material for future episodes of this podcast, Tim collects quick interviews, with creators known and unknown! All the names and links are below!

Tim’s Emerald City photo album on Facebook!

0:42 Ryan Fisher Gin and Comics
2:49 Marv Wolfman
3:39 Alex Culang Buttersafe
4:59 Richard Anderson
5:56 Matt Barrett M.C. Barrett Concept Art
6:30 Nick Butler The Legend of the Broken Hearts, Turtledust Media
7:52 Jeff Parker Hulk, Thunderbolts,
12:07 Brett Bean
12:58 Steve Notley Bob, the Angry Flower
14:26 Kurt Busiek Astro City, Marvels,
16:26 Latchkey Studios

Meagan Levens

Rick Marson

Somewhere In Between


18:35 Katy Hargrove Tangrala
20:18 Brian Reber colorist, X-men Legacy; DeviantArt page
22:50 Clay Mann artist, X-men Legacy; ComicVine page
24:17 Lynn Hogan Prydwen
25:47 Jordan Kotzebue Hominids
27:47 Suzanne Kaufman I Love Monkey
28:55 Karin Madan Stumpytown
30:31 Keith Knight K Chronicles; The Knight Life; (Th)ink
32:49 David Malki Wondermark
33:35 Dresden Codak
34:10 Jonathan Chan
34:54 Mike White Amity Blamity
41:17 Trevor Kellogg Knights of Nine to Five
42:44 Jesse McFarland Politik
43:42 Ethan Nicolle Axe Cop
45:21 Matt Kindt Super Spy, Revolver, 3 Story, The Tooth
46:41 Robert Love Black Santa’s Revenge, Getto Sake
48:38 Joëlle Jones artist, You Have Killed Me
49:29 Jamie Rich writer, You Have Killed Me
51:09 Skottie Young Marvel’s Oz books; Junk
52:25 Echo Chernik art nouveau illustrations
54:03 Paul Guinan artist, Boilerplate
58:52 Natalie Nourigat Over the Surface