#427 International Comics Fest 2014, pt 2

Sunset after the festival
This week we wrap up Tim’s set of interviews from the floor of the International Manga Festival (Kaigai Manga Festa), held November 23 at Tokyo Big Sight. Highlights include familiar faces, a past DCP interview guest, sexy anime girls from France, poop from space, and more!

See photos and links below the jump…

0:43 Petar Tasev (Bulgaria) Petar on Deviant Art

KMF14-21PetarTasevPetar Tasev and his wife at their table


7:36 Philippine Comics Pinoy Komiks
The TamakisThe Tamakis promoting Philippine comics
13:33 Foo Swee Chin (Singapore) fscwasteland.com
Foo Swee ChinFoo Swee Chin
18:36 Dara (France)
represented by Stefan
Dara on DeviantArt
Dara on Facebook (in French)
Dara's work

Dara’s work

Stefan at the tableStefan at the table


26:19 Satoshi Kimura (Japan) Web-zuizan.com
Satoshi Kimura (r)Satoshi Kimura (r)
31:41 Madoka Akanuma (Japan) Rainbow Comic
Madoka AkanumaMadoka Akanuma
35:36 Lars Martinson (USA) LarsMartinson.com
Lars in DCP interview (2011)
Lars MartinsonLars Martinson
40:04 Victor Edison Life in Japan
Victor EdisonVictor Edison
41:34 Raynart (France) Raynart on DeviantArt
RaynartRaynart (l)
44:58 Mulele Wrapup: How did the table go?
Before and after shots of Mulele’s table

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