#426 International Comics Fest 2014, pt 1

Tokyo Big SightOn November 23, Tim once again visited the International Manga Festival (Kaigai Manga Festa) at Tokyo Big Sight. Comics creators from around the world (including Mulele!) were exhibiting their work to an enthusiastic mostly-Japanese crowd. Tim interviewed a number of exhibitors; hear them in this week’s episode, and see them below the jump in this post!

1:25 Mulele  Mulele.com

MuleleMulele hawks his wares

3:41 Yuko Koyama (Japan)  Yocchi’s Forgetfulness
Yuko KoyamaYuko Koyama
5:23 John Gehron (USA)  JohnGehron.com
John GehronJohn Gehron
7:48 OhMamez (Japan)  OhMamez



9:17 Woo Pei Ying (Taiwan) Ninin
NininNinin (Wu Pei Ying)
11:25 Chris “Sketchfro” Taylor (USA)  Sketchfro
Chris "Sketchfro" TaylorChris Taylor (“Sketchfro”)
13:25 Carolin (Germany) Okusama Guten Tag
15:52 Midori Harada (Japan)  A Million Roses
Midori HaradaMidori Harada
19:42 Angelo Levy (Brazil) Wonderworld Studio
Angelo Levy (l)Angelo Levy (l)
21:46 Hiroshi Makise (Japan) Kopi Nomunomun
Hiroshi MakiseHiroshi Makise (r) and Saito-san
24:14 Jim Ready (representing Patrick W) (USA) and Tomoko Hirabayashi (Japan) Stupendous Stories of the Silver Skull Secret Society | Hexenringe | Tomoko Hirabayashi
HexenringeHexenringe (story: Patrick W, art: Tomoko Hirabayashi
26:34 Adam Milicevic (USA)  Adam-Milicevic.com
Adam MilicevicAdam Milicevic
28:35 James Stacey (UK) and Black Hook Press  Black Hook Press
James Stacey (l)James Stacey (l) and Keith
32:39 Graeme McNee (Scotland) Graeme McNee
Graeme McNeeGraeme McNee
36:51 Miles Baker (Canada) Toronto Comic Arts Festival
Miles BakerMiles Baker
40:32 Jesse Jacobs (Canada)  Jesse Jacobs
Jesse JacobsJesse Jacobs
42:51 Ian Herring (Canada)  Ian Herring on Tumblr
Ian HerringIan Herring
45:00 Motohiro Kato (Japan)  Perspective Class, English Edition
Motohiro KatoMotohiro Kato (l) and Noriko
48:54 Nao Yazawa (Japan)  Nao Yazawa on Blogspot
Nao YazawaNao Yazawa

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