Critiquing Comics #073: The Non-Seen

The Non-SeenIn John W. Allie’s The Non-Seen Chapter 1, a little girl finds an old book at the Salvation Army store, written in a strange language. Eventually she figures out how to read it and meets an earless cat. Tim and Mulele’s ears detect an interesting story here, but it’s a bit hard to hear over the needless noise.

Critiquing Comics #072: Lifehacks

LifehacksLifehacks, by Ovi Demetrian Jr and Jen Hickman, is “a modern noir detective story about a hacker turned private investigator.” While the story idea and the art seem solid, Tim and Mulele have to put in some on-mic detective work to understand just where it is our main character works…

#454 Kumar Across Canada

Kumar at ECCE Kumar reports on the three comics shows he attended while in Canada last month: Toronto Comic Arts Festival (where he spoke on a manga translation panel), East Coast Comics Expo (where he had a table), and Vancouver Comic Arts Festival. (Click below for photos)
Sithra Then Tim and Mulele discuss Jason Brubaker’s “Sithra: Book One”. Brubaker recently quit DreamWorks — yes, that’s right, QUIT DREAMWORKS — to follow his muse, which prompts Tim and Mulele to think about their own career hopes, in comics or otherwise.

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#453 Tokyo Artists Talk, vol. 1

Nao and AngeloNao Yazawa and Mokutan Angelo join Tim in what will hopefully be the first in a series of group discussions with Tokyo-based comics creators! Topics include Tokyo’s annual International Comics Festival, comics in Brazil, things an artist asks the audience to overlook, effects of traditional Japanese drama on manga and anime, and more!

Critiquing Comics #070: Terra Kaiju

Terra KaijuCritiquing Comics returns! Tim and Mulele dust off their neglected pile of submissions and look at Terra Kaiju, by Joe Badon and P.B. DeBerry — a comic with Japanese (and Chinese?) ideas, run through a Western filter.