#098 Craig Thompson’s “Blankets”

BlanketsFLASHBACK! Tim and Brandon cover Craig Thompson’s award-winning Blankets. Also, we got an e-mail from this guy named (ulp) Larry Young…

Originally published October 22, 2007

REVIEW: Infinite Kung Fu

Written and drawn by Kagen McLeod

Top Shelf Productions, 2011.

The buzz around this book has been damn strong. When books have been praised as highly as Infinite Kung Fu it can be difficult to not be disappointed by the actual reading experience when the enthusiasm fails to take hold of you. Kagen McLeod deserves that praise though, because this is a beautifully rendered, fun page-turner.

At 400+ pages in black and white, one might think that this is a North American product of manga inspiration. That is not really true. Though the subject is of Eastern origin, namely a love letter to Shaw Studios’ kung fu films, the execution is not. The story was originally published as serialized comics in 2002-2003, of which this book is a collection. The art style is more greyish ink wash than the defined black line style common to manga.

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REVIEW: The Man Who Loved Breasts

by Robert Goodin

Top Shelf Productions, 2008

This week I was going to review either this or Lady Death Origins Annual #1. I chose this one, but both books are about breasts. I was a bit surprised that one of the two was even published, but it’s not the one you think.

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#122 “Spiral Bound” and “Creature Tech”

Spiral BoundWe just keep reaching for the “Top Shelf”! This time, Tim and Brandon review Spiral Bound by Aaron Renier, and Creature Tech by Doug TenNapel.

#115 Chris Staros of Top Shelf Productions

Top Shelf ProductionsChris Staros from Top Shelf Productions comes on to tell us how to go about submitting your project to Top Shelf. He also walks us through some of the publisher’s upcoming offerings.

#113 Alex Robinson

We haven’t read much of anything in the graphic storytelling format that beats Alex Robinson’s Tricked. He was gracious enough to come on this week’s episode and chat with Tim. Enjoy!

Alex Robinson’s site

Weekly Comics Spotlight 

#103 “The King”

The King

Don’t judge a book by its cover! The King, by Rich Koslowski, is about a lot more than “fat Elvis!” Tim and Brandon discuss.

Also, Brandon talks about Astronauts in Trouble: Master Flight Plan by Larry Young, with art by Matt Smith and Charlie Adlard; and Tim talks about Umbrella Academy issue 1, by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba.