#778 K. Briggs’ “Macbeth”


Flush with dark and mysterious symbolism, K. Briggs‘ adaptation of Macbeth from Avery Hill publishing is a challenging and visually exciting piece of work. Kumar and Emmet discuss the comic’s approach to the classic Shakespearean play and how it compares to other adaptations, as well as its unique juxtaposition of the unexpurgated text of the tragedy with an eclectic selection of mixed media visualizations.

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#240 Kill “Shakespeare”

Approached by one of its co-authors, Tim, Mulele, and Kumar take him up on his suggestion to review “Kill Shakespeare” from IDW. However, we didn’t promise to like it.

Harvey Pekar, author of “American Splendor,” died recently at age 70. A remembrance of some of his work.

San Diego Comic-Con is over for another year. What are some things that we WISH would have been announced there?

#159 Austin Tichenor: Comics and the Theatre

12/22/08 Austin Tichenor: Comics and the Theatre

ShakespeareWhat influences have comics had on live theatre — both in terms of comics adaptations for the stage, and their more subtle influences on actors and playwrights? Austin Tichenor from the Reduced Shakespeare Company talks to Tim about how his comics reading rubbed off on his theatre work.