#274 Comics and the Theatre, v 2.0

How do theatre and comics overlap? How have they influenced each other? How is an actor’s life similar to that of a comic creator? Tim covered some of this ground with Austin Tichenor in episode #159, but revisits this ground (with entirely different results!) with actor and comics creator John Roberson. A discussion ensues about Scott McCloud’s contention that comics become more universal when drawn more simply; John is “skeptical”.

#159 Austin Tichenor: Comics and the Theatre

12/22/08 Austin Tichenor: Comics and the Theatre

ShakespeareWhat influences have comics had on live theatre — both in terms of comics adaptations for the stage, and their more subtle influences on actors and playwrights? Austin Tichenor from the Reduced Shakespeare Company talks to Tim about how his comics reading rubbed off on his theatre work.