#319 “The Maxx”

Even amidst the anything-goes craziness of the early Image years, Sam Kieth’s The Maxx was an outlier. While it included some superhero tropes, it wasn’t really a superhero book, nor was it like much of anything else on the market, then or now. While it definitely has its weaknesses, Kumar and Dana confirm this week that it was absolutely mind-blowing…and emotionally affecting.

#308 Not a Croc!

FrazettaWhat do writing cool Heavy Metal songs and writing comics have in common? Nothing! Absolutely nothing! Put down that pen, and go back to your guitar where you belong, headbanger! Rob Zombie, Scott Ian, and Glenn Danzig all share a mutual passion for comics, and had brilliant artists at their disposal, so what went wrong? Blind love of 70s creature features?  Sycophantic DC editors? An obsession with “croc-like creatures”?! Kumar and Dana attempt to wade through the muck…

REVIEW: Epicurus the Sage Volume I

by William Messner-Loebs and Sam Kieth

Piranha Press (DC Comics), 1989

Isn’t it weird how sometimes perfectly good comics can somehow completely slip through the cracks?

We’ve reached an era where it feels like eventually every comic ever published will be reprinted, possibly in a hardcover omnibus format. The two issues of Epicurus were apparently reprinted in 2003, but it never registered on my radar in either iteration before now.

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