#308 Not a Croc!

FrazettaWhat do writing cool Heavy Metal songs and writing comics have in common? Nothing! Absolutely nothing! Put down that pen, and go back to your guitar where you belong, headbanger! Rob Zombie, Scott Ian, and Glenn Danzig all share a mutual passion for comics, and had brilliant artists at their disposal, so what went wrong? Blind love of 70s creature features?  Sycophantic DC editors? An obsession with “croc-like creatures”?! Kumar and Dana attempt to wade through the muck…

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3 thoughts on “#308 Not a Croc!”

  1. There’s something cool when you search the “Big Foot” book in amazon, the writer featured below the book’s description is Steve Niles not rob zombie.

    just wanted get it it out there.

    great podcast


  2. Yeah, I was wondering how much the writing chores were divided up. In the end we were quite happy to praise Niles for the good and Zombie for the bad, which was probably unfair…

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