#228 Ruben Bolling

Ruben Bolling is a comic strip creator who admits that he’s less interested in drawing than he used to be. Known as the brains behind the hilarious, and sometimes absurd, weekly strip “Tom the Dancing Bug,” Bolling does want to continue the strip, but also concentrate more effort on writing, and to move into other types of creative pursuits. One such pursuit may be a movie project with New Line Cinema. In an interview with Tim, Bolling talks about the movie, his influences, his tools, and his characters, as well as answering questions from listeners!

Interview in Tufts Magazine

Also in this episode, Tim, Mulele, and Kumar discuss the upcoming WeirdCrimeTheater.com and Tim’s ongoing paid drawing gig (see his finished works below the break).

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#209 Darrin Bell

12/7/09 Darrin Bell

Darrin Bell, creator of the strip Candorville, talks about dealing with the expectations of a newspaper audience (and the thought processes of newspaper editors), the dynamic between characters Lamont and Susan, why he published his new book, Katrina’s Ghost, via Lulu, and, by the way, what’s up with the vampires?!

#164 The Future of B.C.

1/26/09 The Future of B.C.

B.C.In 2007, B.C. creator Johnny Hart passed on, and his grandson Mason Mastroianni (with the help of other family members and friends) picked up the torch. What’s it like to work on a “legacy strip”? Is there a future in the funny pages anymore, anyway?

#154 Schulz and Peanuts, part 1

11/17/08 Schulz and Peanuts

Schulz and PeanutsLeading into our review of David Michaelis’ controversial Schulz biography, “Schulz and Peanuts,” Tim and Kumar talk about the strip itself, how it influenced what came after, and how, in politics and social issues, it took no sides — and all sides.