#491 MoCCA Fest 2016, pt 1

MoCCA part one

MoCCA Festival, presented by the Society of Illustrators and the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art, was held at Metropolitan West in New York City on April 2 and 3. Tim was there, and talked with a lot of folks who were tabling about their work. Follow along with the photos below as you listen, and click the links to check out their work!


1:37 Johnny Dombrowski and Ian Higginbotham

Johnny Dombrowski and Ian Higginbotham

Johnny Dombrowski and Ian Higginbotham

4:00 Annelise Capossella
Annelise CapossellaAnnelise Capossella
5:48 R Sikoryak
11:11 Kriota Willberg
Kriota Willberg and R. SikoryakKriota Willberg and R. Sikoryak
13:43 Whit Taylor
Whit Taylor

Whit Taylor


14:58 Dan Mazur
Dan MazurDan Mazur
18:03 Jesse Lonergan
Jesse LonerganJesse Lonergan
19:25 Celia Lowenthal and Maggie Breen
Maggie Breen and Celia LowenthalMaggie Breen and Celia Lowenthal
21:59 Andres Vera Martinez
Andres Vera MartinezAndres Vera Martinez
23:37 A.T. Pratt
A.T. PrattA.T. Pratt
25:18 Vinnie Neuberg and Alison Rutsch
Alison Rutsch and Vinnie NeubergAlison Rutsch and Vinnie Neuberg
27:23 Fenway Fan
Fenway FanFenway Fan
30:36 Xin Yin
Xin YinXin Yin
33:13 Gideon Kendall and Eli Neugeboren
Eli Neugeboren and Gideon KendallEli Neugeboren and Gideon Kendall
35:19 Josh Neufeld and Gregory Benton
Gregory Benton and Josh NeufeldGregory Benton and Josh Neufeld
39:34 Chrisila Maida
Chrisila MaidaChrisila Maida
41:47 Patricia Casey
Patricia CaseyPatricia Casey
42:43 Keith Jones
Keith Jones (r)Keith Jones
47:22 Natalie Andrewson
Natalie AndrewsonNatalie Andrewson
51:48 Yao Xiao
Yao XiaoYao Xiao
53:19 Ken Wong and Gene Kannenberg
Ken Wong and Gene KannenbergKen Wong and Gene Kannenberg
56.41 Bill Roundy
Bill RoundyBill Roundy
57:38 Brendan Duffey
Brendan DuffeyBrendan Duffey
1:00:16 Steph Rodriguez
Steph RodriguezSteph Rodriguez
1:03:08 Nicholas Offerman and Robert Richburg
Nicholas Offerman and Robert RichburgNicholas Offerman and Robert Richburg
1:06:15 Fred Van Lente and Ryan Dunlavey
Ryan Dunlavey and Fred Van LenteRyan Dunlavey and Fred Van Lente
1:08:14 Will and Kati Lacker, Kin Comics
Kati and Will LackerKati and Will Lacker
1:09:33 Ada Price
Ada PriceAda Price
1:12:14 Jacques
1:14:01 Dana Wulfekotte
Dana WulfekotteDana Wulfekotte
1:14:57 Kendra Kirkpatrick
Kendra KirkpatrickKendra Kirkpatrick
1:17:19 Selina Briggs
Selina BriggsSelina Briggs
1:19:54 Maria Scrivan
Maria ScrivanMaria Scrivan

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