#357 Expanding Comics’ Audience, pt 3: Newspaper strips

Comics that you buy in comics shops or bookstores are facing enough business challenges, but how about newspaper comics? Their traditional delivery system is dying out, with many printed papers ceasing publication. The comic strip faces a number of challenges, but there are positive trends as well. How are Web comics and other new technology changing the game? This week, Tim talks newspaper(-style) strips with Tom Racine, host of the Tall Tale Radio podcast!

Stephan Pastis interview (gigaom.com)


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5 thoughts on “#357 Expanding Comics’ Audience, pt 3: Newspaper strips”

  1. Superb interview, gentlemen. Tom Racine is a man who knows what he’s talking about, his opinion carries a lot of weight. This is a must-hear podcast for anyone who wants to get up to speed on the current state of comic strips. Well done, Tom and Tim!

  2. Thanks, Mark! It’s a changing world out there in comics of all kinds, like never before in history. People who’ve been around it for years are asking all the same questions! Mostly, I think it’s good news…artists are in control more than ever, but at the same time, we’re not exactly sure where we’re going. But a fun ride!

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