#356 On Backgrounds

Drawing backgrounds is seldom the most enjoyable part of drawing a comic. Many artists dislike it, and might try to give it short shrift. But it’s an important part of telling your story, so you’ve got to do it right. Tim and Mulele discuss some important points to keep in mind when drawing your backgrounds — and a few things to avoid.

Sean Gordon Murphy’s background tips

Drawinghowtodraw.com (beware of the popup ad!)

idrawdigital.com: backgrounds tutorial

Schweizercomics: tangents

The Mindgator: invisible Coke machine in last panel

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One thought on “#356 On Backgrounds”

  1. I listened to this while drawing a lineart over a 3D model of a village I created in Sketch Up, so I found it a bit odd that you didn’t mention that a lot of comic book artists use cgi! It basically guarantees consistency.

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