#349 Expanding comics’ audience, pt 1

Recently asked on our Facebook group: What would you do if you controlled Marvel and/or DC? This led to another question: How can comics, particularly in the US, gain a larger audience?

No one’s really sure of the answer to the second question, but its a good springboard for podcast discussion of comics evangelism and the state of the industry in general. What role will digital comics play? In the first installment of an occasional series, Tim bounces these questions off our friend Tom Spurgeon.

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3 thoughts on “#349 Expanding comics’ audience, pt 1”

  1. Comics at $4.00 an issue will never sell to anyone other than built-in fans. Make comics $2.00 and make them readily available to the casual populace and you’d see a bit more. When I started reading comics in the mid 80s I didn’t even step foot into a comic shop for the first few years!

  2. Sure, it was much easier to find them outside of comics shops then! And we complained that comics cost fifty whole cents. haha Thanks for your comment.

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